Rotary pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35 (35 kW)

Rotary pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35 (35 kW)
Rotary pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35 (35 kW)

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Pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35 - most innovative pellet burner on the market. The breakthrough technology is highly advanced rotating combustion chamber. Apart from high burning efficiency, reaching up to 99%, this unique solution of so called rotary burner ensures permanent self – cleaning from dust collecting in the process of combustion. Pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35 designed to burn wood biomass pellets, agro-pellets with high content of ashes, pits and oats.

Pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35 - economical, easily maintained, comfortable and modern heating system with pellets for residential, public and commercial premises.  Pellet burner could be installed in practically any solid fuel, gas or oil boiler, furnace or stove which power is up to 25 - 35 kW. Pellet burner power varies from 8 kW to 35 kW.   

The complete set of pellet burner includes:
  • pellet burner BurnPell EVO Mini 35;
  • polyurethane pipe connecting the burner with feeder;
  • pellet feeder;
  • external digital control panel with LCD display.

The container for pellets is not included and could be ordered separately. As the tank (container) can be used in any capacity, from which a transporter can to take the pellets and transport them into the burner. Thus, set of burner consists of full fuel supply system that solves all problems and you need only to load the container with pellets and set up desired temperature of water. 

During burning pellets do not be afraid of electricity supply disruptions, due to the electricity cut-outs. After cut-out burner starts to work by itself and you do not have to re-establish the settings. Control panel display screen shows all the settings in real time. Also, if desired, to respond to changes in outdoor temperature, possible to install an additional outdoor air temperature sensor.

As fuels pellet burner uses biomass pellets - alternative ecologic (green) fuel. Therefore the heating with pellets is more economical, compared to heating with oil or gas. In comparison with solid fuel heating costs are similar, because of high efficiency and automatic control, but heating with pellets is much more comfortable.


Burner is safe against fire, because it equipped with the protections against fire:
  • patented technology of high-pressure combustion - reliable protection against flashback;
  • is equipped with a temperature sensor, terminating fuel supply in case of flashback;
  • polyurethane pipe, which melts and fire will not be transmitted further to transporter and container if temperature sensor will not react in case of flashback.

Burner advantages:
  • rotating combustion chamber - significantly prolongs the duration of maintenance-free operation and as a fuel can be used pellets with high content of ashes; 
  • patented technology of high-pressure combustion;
  • made of superior materials based on latest technology;
  • automatic operation: firing, cleaning, flame control;
  • high-quality connection – ensures reliable communication between the burner and the controller;
  • step-less (electronic) power adjustment;
  • low CO and CO2 emission;
  • low thermal inertia;
  • burner’s temperature control;
  • automatic start after voltage loss – memory of last settings;
  • high combustion efficiency - up to 99%;
  • the furnace made of superior heat resisting steel;
  • possibility to control the incineration process using a broadband lambda sensor (option);
  • flame detector precisely detecting its level;
  • low power consumption;
  • fully compatible with the instrumentation of oil and gas boiler and bakery oven.  
A - Ø 140 mm | B - 215 mm | C - 441 mm | D - Ø 145 mm
Power, kW 8 - 35
Voltage, V 230
Frequency, Hz 50
Current, A 5
Average power consumption, W ~ 50
Electricity consumption in kW per day ~ 2,0
Lambda probe Optional
Controller S.Control MK2
Recommended fuel Wooden and agro pellets Ø 6 - 8 mm, oats
Feeder length, m 2
Feeder weight, kg 11
Burner weight, kg 14
Mounting hole diameter, mm Ø 150
Outlet pipe diameter, mm Ø 145
Recommended chimney draft, Pa 20
Rotary combustion chamber Yes
Noise level, dB 62
Efficiency, % Up to 99 %
Efficiency in the furnace, % Up to 96 %

Instruction for control panel S.Control MK2