Advantages of heating with pellets

  • savings in heating cost up to 50 %, in comparing with heating systems, using other kinds of fuel;
  • guards against fire - steel barrier with the counterbalance installed on the fuel chute in to the burner prevents flashback or burning sensor (X Mini), patented technology of high-pressure combustion and etc.;
  • audible and light alarm draws attention to burner upsets and emergency messages are displayed on the controller's screen;
  • temperature sensor (standard equipment in pellet burner set) in boiler or furnace allows to keep required temperature;
  • logical interlock prevents exceeding the temperature set point;
  • possibility to install in various boilers and furnace - no need to buy new boiler or stove;
  • pellet burners could be installed in any boiler (furnace, stove), which is using gas, liquid or solid fuel;
  • resistance for power cut-outs - auto-ignition after power supply interruptions;
  • control panel display - real-time information about ongoing processes and parameters;
  • automatic control of burner - combustion process and it's duration is managed under preset parameters in control panel;
  • specially programmed, digital, splash resistant control panel for all burner functions;
  • possibilities to connect to control panel other devices, such as internal or external temperature sensor, internet module and etc.;
  • minimal need for electricity consumption: up to 2 - 2,5 kWh per day;
  • burner durability - heart made from the highest quality heat resistant steel, stainless steel casting;
  • chimney fan control - possibility to set the chimney draught.
Advantages of heating with pellets