Pellet burners with walking grate system BurnPell M

Pellet burner BurnPell M - most innovative pellet burner on the market. The breakthrough technology is synergy of Hybrid drive system and walking grate system. Apart from high burning efficiency, reaching up to 99%, this unique solution ensures permanent self – cleaning from dust collecting in the process of combustion. Pellet burner BurnPell M designed to burn wood biomass pellets, agro-pellets with high content of ashes pellets, pits.

BurnPell M - easily maintained, comfortable and modern heating system with pellets for residential, public and commercial premises. Pellet burners BurnPell M comes in various capacities and best suited to work together with the boilers with heating power ranging from 4 kW to 500 kW.

Pellet burners could be installed in:
  • heating boilers;
  • any furnace or stove, which is using gas, liquid or solid fuel;
  • bakery stoves;
  • drying ovens.
Heating with pellets is one of most ecological heating types, because:
  • low CO and CO2 emission;
  • combustion efficiency up to 99%;
  • burning renewable energy sources - wooden sawdust and other biomass pellets or grains;
  • fire is almost smokeless;
  • the ashes, remaining from burnt pellets, are an excellent organic fertilizer.