Convenience of using

  • no need to kindle every day or after every burn-out of batch - pellet burner is equipped with a complete ignition and combustion processes automatic control device;
  • convenient automatic control - programmable digital control panel for all burner functions: ignition, maintaining the fire, fan rpm, setting the burner power, boiler temperature;
  • "self-cleaning" of the burner - a unique, licensed fuel blender and rotary combustion chamber improves oxygen supply, stabilize the flame and helps "self-cleaning" of the burner, which extends the maintenance-free time of furnace operation;
  • automatic combustion monitoring system - you can set the day, night and weekend modes, required water temperature;
  • automatic supply of pellets from container - the container could be loaded with pellets every 3 - 7 days, depending on container storage capacity (excluding bakery and drying ovens);
  • does not require daily maintenance - ashes could be cleaned every couple weeks or even less, except then using sunflower husk pellets or bakery stoves, drying ovens.
Convenience of using