Accessories for pellet burners BurnPell

Burner control panel with LCD display

You can choose control panel for pellet burners BurnPell from 2 options:
1. R.Control ecoMAX.
2. X.Control.

Pellet burners are equipped as standard with control panels R.Control ecoMAX. Under the order burners could be equipped  with control panel X.Control. 

Indoor temperature controller with temperature sensor ekoSTER200

Room control panel with an internal temperature sensor ecoSTER performs dual function:
1. Measuring the temperature of the room.
2. Controlling the burner, i.e. duplicating control panel R.Control ecoMAX, so the user does not need to go to the boiler room to review or change the settings of the burner and turn it on or off. All that he can do without leaving the room.

Internet module ecoNET

With the internet module ecoNET you can switch on or off the burner and control all it's parameters being anywhere in the world, where is the internet access. It is an advanced management system online, allowing to control and manage the burner with a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Lambda probe ecoLAMBDA with expansion module

Lambda probe with expansion module for control panel R.Control ecoMAX. This is new generation interface for transmitting the measurement results of oxygen content in the exhaust fumes to control panel. The device is designed to ensure optimal and accurate oxygen measurement. By using lambda probe we are reducing carbon monoxide emission into the atmosphere, reducing fuel consumption and extending working life of the burner (boiler). 

Sensors for flawless burner performance and additional circuits control

  • burner temperature;
  • boiler (circuit) temperature;
  • flue gas temperature;
  • flame brightness (photosensor);
  • outdoor temperature.

Expansion modules for managing additional circuits

Expansion modules B and MX.3 for managing additional circuits. 

Screw feeders

Standard set of pellet burners X.Mini - X.150 is equipped with screw feeder 2 m length. Under request it can be prolonged to 3 m. Pellet burner X.190 set and higher power are supplied with the 3 m length screw feeder. If the distance from burner to container is bigger, it is recommended to build an intermediate pellet container. Screw feeder is durable, as it is made from galvanized steel.

Pellet containers

We are offering pellet containers:
  • 300 l, measurements 625x625x1430 mm
  • 450 l, measurements 625x625x1825 mm
  • 600 l, measurements 845x845x1615 mm
  • 1200 l, measurements 1130x1130x1835 mm

For detailed descriptions and full assortment of accessories for pellet burners please look at their assortment range descriptions.